Thai Tanic Psilocybe Cubensis Spores 10ml


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Thai Tanic is a super sought-after mushroom strain known for growing incredibly well, bearing lots of fruit, and being resilient to all kinds of unfavorable conditions. Known for its stalky, thick stems and big caps, this strain is a potent powerhouse, and one of the most favored among mushroom researchers. Thanks to our Thai Tanic Spore Syringe 10mL, you can research these beauties on your own to take in all of their beautiful qualities. View Lab Report

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Thai Tanic is a legendary mushroom cultivar researched widely throughout the mushroom enthusiast community, and it’s also particularly known for its resistant to many forms of contamination (although you should still handle it with the utmost safety standards). They don’t grow very tall, but they are one of the most fruitful strains out there.

We’re proud to offer Thai Tanic mushroom spores in a 10mL syringe, with a sterile needle included, to allow you to get right to researching them and understanding what makes them so unique. Our syringes are prepared in a cleanroom laboratory, with strict testing protocol to ensure only the best safety and quality. Our mushroom spores are pharmaceutical-grade, to deliver only the very best syringes possible.

Note: These mushroom spores must be kept refrigerated.

Thai Tanic FAQs

What are Thai Tanic Mushroom Spores?

Thai Tanic Mushroom Spores are the naturally occurring spores that, when cultivated, produce mushrooms that belong to the Thai Tanic strain. The spores themselves are nonintoxicating, and can be researched to better understand what makes this breed so unique.

Why Do These Mushroom Spores Come in a Syringe?

Our syringe allows for an easier means for researching Thai Tanic spores. The slow-release applicator permits you to control the amount that you apply during your various research endeavors. The sterile needle preserves the spores and ensures their safety.
Are Thai Tanic Mushroom Spores Consumed?
We do not recommend consuming these spores at any time, as that is not what they are intended for. Mushroom spores will not offer any meaningful benefits that make them worth consuming.

Are Thai Tanic Mushroom Spores Legal?

Thai Tanic Mushroom spores are perfectly legal under federal law. These spores contain zero psilocybin, as psilocybin is only present in mature mushrooms. Therefore, we are not selling a product that is prohibited in any way.