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About us

Pharmaceutical-Grade Mushroom Spores at Your Doorstep

SporesMD is proud to serve mycology researchers with the cleanest and highest-quality mushroom spores, all of which are ready to be carefully packaged and shipped to your door. We’re proud to offer a selection of highly sought-after strains, including in-demand cultivars like Golden Teacher, Penis Envy and Blue Meanie, with a user-friendly, sterile syringe applicator that makes it easier than ever to fulfill your research needs.

Our mushroom spores are intended for research purposes, so please use them responsibly. When handling them, it’s essential to maintain a clean and sterile environment at all times.

The Highest Standards in the Industry

Our mushroom spore syringes all arrive with sterile needles, and our syringes are lab-tested before they’re shipped, which ensures that they’re completely safe, high in quality, and properly fresh. As long as they’re stored properly while in your care, they’ll be able to fulfill all of your research-related needs.

Each syringe contains only pharmaceutical-grade spores, which is the highest grade that mushroom spores can receive. We prepare each syringe in our certified cleanroom laboratory, obeying the strictest standards of safety, quality, and general manufacturing.

ISO-7 Certified Cleanroom

Our facility is ISO-7 certified, obeying standards determined by the International Organization for Standardization. This is an independent organization that serves the purpose of establishing a list of standards for laboratories, with a specific checklist of safety and quality indicators that must be fulfilled.

cGMP Certified

Our facility is also certified cGMP, as determined by Good Manufacturing Practices, another international standard for manufacturing that relies on strict safety and quality standards, and puts emphasis on the practices carried out by all individuals who work in the facility.

Third-Party Lab-Tested

We work closely with a certified third-party laboratory that specializes in testing mushroom spores, to ensure that they meet all safety, quality, purity, and legal standards.

Clean Genetics Guaranteed

Our mushroom spores are sourced from clean mushroom farms that use zero pesticides. Our spores are non-GMO, as we believe in clean genetics as the way of the future for our agriculture industry.

Our Products are Legally Compliant

Mushroom spores are 100% legal to sell and ship throughout the United States, because they contain zero traces of psilocybin, the psychoactive component in psychedelic mushroom varieties. While this intoxicant is present in mature mushrooms, it does not occur in the spores themselves.

Attention to Detail

Here at SporesMD, we go above and beyond to give the purest mushroom products on the market! Everything is 3rd party lab tested for potency and purity.


With over 15 years experience in mycology, you can proudly put your confidence in us.

We can take your mind to the next level.

Explore the fascinating world of fungi with our premium mushroom spore syringes and amanita products, designed to elevate your understanding and appreciation of nature’s hidden treasures.

“Outstanding selection, excellent service, and top-quality products! I highly recommend this site for all your mycology needs.”

Phil MartinezCustomer