Spores Amanita Pantherina Chocolates 200mg (High Strength)


Our Amanita Pantherina Chocolates offer a whole new way to experience the exciting properties of the legendary Amanita Pantherina mushroom, with 200 milligrams per piece of our psychoactive blend that can offer extremely desirable effects to both the body and the mind. View Lab Report

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Organic Ingredients and 100% Natural
GMO Free
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ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom


Our mouthwatering Amanita Pantherina Chocolates offer a carefully balanced blend of psychoactive Amanita Pantherina mushroom extract, l-Theanine, additional mushroom extracts, and hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), which is a legal, psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant.

Our chocolates are completely free of unwanted additives, and offer a rich and creamy milk chocolate taste that’s irresistible. Each chocolate is manufactured in a certified ISO7 cleanroom, and has undergone strict third-party testing for purity, safety, and legal compliance. We offer a 100% guarantee that our mushrooms contain zero contaminants of any kind.

Spores Amanita Pantherina Chocolates FAQs

What Kind of Effects Can I Get from Spores Mushroom Chocolates?

The effects that a person experiences from our psychoactive blend can be different for everyone.  Ultimately, most people describe a feeling of euphoria, inner bliss, peace of mind, and ease throughout the body.  Keep in mind that how much you consume can largely dictate the experience that you have, which is why we recommend that beginners start slow.

Is These Chocolates All-Natural?

Our chocolate formula contains only milk chocolate, natural plant derivatives, and sweetener.  We have made sure to create a formula that’s completely free of unwanted artificial additives and filler ingredients.

Are These Vegan?

Unfortunately, our chocolates are not vegan, as they contain milk.  We do offer other products made with Amanita Pantherina extract that are completely vegan, however.

How Should I Store My Chocolates?

You don’t need to refrigerate these chocolates, as they can last for up to a few months when stored at room temperature, in a dark, dry, and cool place, such as a closet, cabinet, or drawer.