Trips Chocolate Bar Nootropic Infused 6400mg


Indulge in Trips Chocolate Bar Nootropic Infused 6400mg, a luxurious blend of fine chocolate and cognitive-enhancing nootropics. Available in five exquisite flavors, it’s an ideal treat for boosting mental performance and mood, perfect for students, professionals, or anyone seeking a delicious, brain-boosting snack.

Trips Chocolate Bar

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Almond Crush
  • B Day Cake
  • Blueberry
GMO Free
GMP Certified
ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom

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The Trips Chocolate Bar Nootropic Infused 6400mg offers a delightful and indulgent way to experience the benefits of nootropics. Each bar is carefully crafted to combine the luxurious taste of premium chocolate with the cognitive-enhancing properties of nootropics, providing a unique and enjoyable way to boost your mental performance and overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Nootropic Infusion: Each bar contains 6400mg of top-tier nootropics, known for their ability to enhance cognitive functions, including memory, creativity, and focus. These nootropics are seamlessly blended into the chocolate for a smooth and consistent experience.
  • Variety of Flavors: Choose from a range of delicious flavors, each offering a unique taste profile:
    Milk Chocolate: Classic and creamy, perfect for those who appreciate the timeless taste of smooth milk chocolate.
  • Cookies & Cream: A delightful blend of crunchy cookie bits and creamy white chocolate for a nostalgic and comforting flavor.
    Almond Crush: Rich chocolate studded with crunchy almonds, ideal for nut lovers and those who enjoy a bit of texture in their treats.
  • B Day Cake: Celebratory and fun, this flavor is reminiscent of a festive birthday cake, complete with a creamy and rich taste.
  • Blueberry: A fruity and tangy twist, combining the sweetness of chocolate with the refreshing zest of blueberries.

Convenient and Discreet Packaging: Each bar is thoughtfully packaged, making it easy to enjoy on the go or as a discreet treat whenever you need a cognitive boost.

Premium Ingredients: Made with high-quality cocoa and other ingredients, ensuring a luxurious and satisfying chocolate experience.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance: The nootropic infusion is designed to improve mental clarity, concentration, and productivity.
Mood Elevation: The natural mood-boosting properties of chocolate, combined with nootropics, contribute to an enhanced sense of well-being.
Tasty and Enjoyable: Unlike traditional supplements, these chocolate bars offer a delicious and enjoyable way to consume nootropics.
Versatile Use: Perfect as a midday snack, a treat to boost your study sessions, or even as a thoughtful gift for a friend or colleague.


Who should consume the Trips Chocolate Bar Nootropic Infused 6400mg?

It’s ideal for students, professionals, or anyone looking to enhance their cognitive abilities and enjoy a delicious treat.

How should I consume the chocolate bar?

Enjoy it as you would any other chocolate bar. However, be mindful of the nootropic content and start with a smaller portion to assess tolerance.

Is this product suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Depending on the flavor, some bars may be suitable for vegetarians. Please check the ingredients for specific dietary requirements.

Can this chocolate bar replace my regular nootropic supplements?

While it is a great addition to your nootropic regimen, it should not completely replace supplements prescribed or recommended by your healthcare provider.


The Trips Chocolate Bar Nootropic Infused 6400mg is more than just a treat; it’s an innovative fusion of indulgence and mental enhancement. Whether you’re preparing for an intense study session, a demanding workday, or simply seeking an enjoyable cognitive boost, these chocolate bars are a perfect choice. Choose your favorite flavor and embark on a delicious journey to enhanced brainpower.

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