Trips Macrodose Nootropic Infused Tinctures 30000mg 30ml (Choose Flavor)


“Trips Tincture” is a 30ml nootropic blend offering a unique, trippy experience. Containing 30,000 mg of a special nootropic mix, it’s designed for varying expertise levels: 1 dropper for a micro experience, 2-3 droppers for advanced users, and 4-5 droppers for the experienced. Note the ‘front-loading’ approach is needed due to rapid 24-hour tolerance buildup, meaning the full intended dose should be taken from the start for the best experience.

Macrodose Tincture Flavors

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
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Organic Ingredients and 100% Natural
GMO Free
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The “Trips Tincture” is an innovative 30ml nootropic blend, meticulously crafted to deliver an immersive, trippy-like experience. Each bottle contains a potent concentration of 30,000 mg of our exclusive nootropic blend, designed to cater to varying levels of experience and exploration.

Micro Experience (1 Dropper): Ideal for beginners or those seeking a subtle cognitive enhancement. This microdose is perfect for gently introducing your body to the nootropic effects, offering a light, manageable experience.

Advanced Experience (2-3 Droppers): This dosage is tailored for those who are familiar with nootropics and seek a more profound, engaging experience. The advanced dose amplifies cognitive processes, leading to deeper insights and heightened sensory perception.

Experienced Dose (4-5 Droppers): Reserved for the seasoned users, this dose promises an intensely immersive experience. It significantly enhances cognitive and sensory abilities, offering a deeply profound and impactful journey.

Important Usage Note: The Trips Tincture requires a strategic approach known as ‘front-loading’. As the body quickly builds a 24-hour tolerance to the blend, it’s crucial to start with the desired dose to achieve the intended experience right from the onset. Incremental dosing throughout the day is less effective due to the rapid tolerance buildup.

Remember, the journey with Trips Tincture is highly personal and subjective. Always start with a lower dose to understand your tolerance and gradually increase as needed, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.