Dried Amanita Muscaria Microdose Mushrooms 5g


Discover SporesMD’s 5g Dried Amanita Muscaria Microdose Mushrooms, a blend of iconic Amanita Muscaria and potent Amanita Pantherina. Expertly curated for safety and efficacy, these mushrooms undergo rigorous testing and preparation, ensuring a pure, psychoactive experience within legal compliance. View Lab Report

GMO Free
GMP Certified
ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom


SporesMD introduces our exquisite 5g Dried Amanita Muscaria Microdose Mushrooms, expertly curated for optimal use. This range features the famed Amanita Muscaria, recognized for its iconic red cap with white spots, and the robust Amanita Pantherina, notable for its camel-colored cap with white spots. Both varieties are celebrated for their psychoactive qualities and historic significance.

Quality Assurance and Legal Compliance

Our dedication to excellence is unmatched. Each batch of our mushrooms undergoes stringent third-party testing in advanced laboratories to certify their safety, purity, and authenticity. Cultivated and processed in a contaminant-free ISO7 cleanroom environment, these mushrooms meet the highest quality standards.

Legal Status

Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina are fully legal in the United States, not listed as controlled substances. Our operations strictly comply with legal standards, ensuring all products are lawful.

Sourcing and Preparation Methods

Our mushrooms are sourced from secure laminar flow hoods, ensuring a contamination-free environment typical of sterile laboratories. They are then subjected to a precise decarboxylation process. This involves carefully controlled heating to activate the mushrooms’ compounds, turning them from inactive to active forms.

Storage and Longevity

Our dried mushrooms have a longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts. Proper storage in a dark, cool, and dry place is crucial to maintain their quality and efficacy, preventing mold and preserving the active compounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Effects: Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina are known for their mind-altering properties and have been used in various spiritual and religious rituals for ages. Amanita Pantherina is significantly more potent than Amanita Muscaria.
  • Strength Comparison: Amanita Pantherina is about 10 times more potent than Amanita Muscaria, mainly because of its higher muscimol concentration.
  • Purpose of Decarboxylation: This process activates the mushrooms’ psychoactive components, intensifying their effects when ingested.
  • Maintaining Freshness: Store in a cool, dark, and dry environment to ensure freshness, prevent mold formation, and maintain the efficacy of the active compounds.

With SporesMD’s Dried Amanita Muscaria Microdose Mushrooms, embark on a safe, profound journey of self-discovery, backed by our unwavering commitment to quality and strict legal adherence.

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    Nat R.
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    Interesting effects

    Works as expected, and can be used as an insecticide.