Amanita Microdose Mushroom Gummies 10,000mg


Experience SporesMD’s Microdose 20 Pack Gummies, offering a vibrant blend of berry, tropical, and citrus flavors. Each gummy, infused with 500mg of Amanita extracts, promises a balanced microdosing journey. Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with natural ingredients in a quality-assured, ISO7-certified production.

Amanita Microdose Gummies 20 Counts Flavors

  • Berry Medley
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Oranges and Cream
  • Tropical Fusion
  • Watermelon
GMO Free
GMP Certified
ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom

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Unveiling the Microdose Mushroom Gummies Flavors: A Taste of Nature

SporesMD takes pride in offering a sensational range of flavors that are not only delicious but also crafted with all-natural ingredients. As you explore the subtleties of microdosing, each flavor provides a unique sensory journey designed to enhance your experience. Here’s a snapshot of the delicious flavors you can anticipate:

Berry MedleyA sweet blend of summer berries
Blue RaspberryTangy and vibrant notes of blue raspberry
Oranges and CreamA citrusy delight with a creamy twist
Tropical FusionAn exotic mix of tropical fruits
WatermelonRefreshing and juicy watermelon essence

Indulge in the Berry Medley for a taste reminiscent of a bountiful summer harvest or the Blue Raspberry for a zesty and energetic lift. For those who favor citrus notes, the Oranges and Cream is a creamy dream, while Tropical Fusion offers an escape to an island paradise. Lastly, the Watermelon gummies bring a sweet reprieve with their hydrating flavor profile.

The Balanced Journey of Microdosing

Microdosing mushrooms offer a subtle yet profoundly beneficial experience for those seeking to enhance their day without overwhelming the senses. SporesMD’s Microdose 20 Pack Gummies embody this philosophy, ensuring each gummy contains a 500mg dose of Amanita Extracts—perfect for those new to the world of microdosing or experienced users looking for a low-dose option.

Here’s what makes SporesMD’s Gummies stand out:

  • Precise Dosing: Each gummy offers a consistent 500mg of Amanita extracts for a balanced microdosing experience.
  • Divine Flavors: A selection of exquisite flavors curated to elevate your microdosing journey.

Quality Meets Purity: Rigorous Manufacturing Standards

SporesMD doesn’t just settle for great flavors; they place an immense focus on quality and safety. Each gummy is manufactured in an ISO7-certified cleanroom, demonstrating a commitment to the highest cleanliness and manufacturing standards.

Third-party Lab Testing: To ensure the purity and safety of their product, SporesMD invests in extensive third-party testing conducted by an independent lab. See the table below for insights into their impeccable standards:

Test PerformedDescription
Purity AnalysisConfirms no contaminants are present.
Potency VerificationEnsures each gummy contains the accurate amount of active ingredients.

How to Enjoy and Store Your Microdose Gummies

When it comes to consuming SporesMD’s Microdose Gummies, the experience is both simple and enjoyable. Consume one gummy daily or as required for a subtly enhanced day. As for storage, ensure to keep your gummies in a “cool dry place” to maintain their taste and efficacy for up to three months.

I’ve found my daily rhythm with SporesMD gummies! The flavors are amazing and I’m loving the gentle focus they provide.” – Enthusiastic Customer

Conclusion: The Path to Refined Well-Being

SporesMD’s Microdose Gummies are more than just a product; they are a gateway to a more nuanced and controlled psychedelic experience. Whether seeking mental clarity, stress reduction, or a simple moment of joy, these gummies offer a unique solution that blends tradition with modern innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • SporesMD’s gummies combine natural flavors with microdosing benefits.
  • Manufactured in an ISO7-certified cleanroom for quality assurance.
  • Third-party lab tested for purity and potency compliance.

Whether you’re stepping into the world of microdosing for the first time or are an experienced user, SporesMD provides a delicious, secure, and legally compliant option for those looking to explore the beneficial aspects of mushrooms with none of the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Experience of Microdosing?

Microdosing allows individuals to experience the potential benefits of mushrooms at the lowest possible dose, leading to less stress, improved mood, and a reduction in discomfort.

Is the Use of These Mushrooms Legal?

Yes, amanita muscaria and amanita pantherina mushrooms are legal across the United States, with the exception of Louisiana.

What is the Main Active Ingredient in Amanita Mushrooms?

The primary active ingredient is muscimol, known for its sedating and dissociative effects, as opposed to psilocybin found in psychedelic mushrooms.

How Do I Best Store My Gummies?

Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their freshness and potency. It is not required to refrigerate the gummies.

See how SporesMD gummies can subtly augment your daily routine and offer a controlled, enjoyable peek into the world of functional mushrooms. Don’t wait any longer — experience the difference yourself!

Discover SporesMD’s Microdose Gummies today!

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    Good job

    Really help focus at work

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    Great product

    I've had a great experience with them, great for micro dosing.

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    Amanita Microdose Gummies

    Got these because i’ve been interested in the benefits of Amanitas lately. Delicious gummies. I got the Berry Medley flavor. Comes with 20 gummies. I take one every night before bed. Started LUCID DREAMING ever since I started taking them. I’m sure taking multiple gummies could give a psychedelic effect, considering only one gummy before bed gave me the trippiest dreams!

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    Best purchase

    Great clarity was gained from this product