Dried Amanita Muscaria or Pantherina Microdose Mushrooms 5g | 6 Pack

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Explore the world of SporesMD’s dried mushrooms, featuring Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina, both renowned for their psychoactive effects. Meticulously prepared and tested for purity, these iconic mushrooms promise a safe and authentic experience for both spiritual and recreational use. View Lab Report



GMO Free
GMP Certified
ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom

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SporesMD offers a premium selection of dried mushrooms, meticulously prepared and ready for use. Our collection includes the renowned Amanita Muscaria and the potent Amanita Pantherina, both known for their psychoactive properties. These mushrooms are famous for their distinctive appearances: Amanita Muscaria with its iconic red cap and white spots, and Amanita Pantherina with its camel cap and white spots.

  • Quality and Compliance
    Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. We ensure that each batch of our dried mushrooms undergoes a rigorous third-party testing process. This testing is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities by licensed laboratories to ensure the highest levels of safety, purity, and authenticity. The mushrooms are developed and processed in an ISO7 cleanroom environment, guaranteeing that they are 100% contaminant-free and meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Legal Status
    Both Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina mushrooms are completely legal in the United States and have never been classified as scheduled drugs. We adhere strictly to legal compliance, selling only products that are fully lawful.
  • Procurement and Preparation
    Our mushrooms are procured from laminar flow hoods, which are airtight and enclosed spaces standard in sterile laboratory environments. This method of procurement ensures that our mushrooms are free from contamination. The mushrooms undergo a controlled decarboxylation process, a method involving controlled heat to activate the compounds within the mushrooms, converting inactive components into active ones.
  • Storage and Shelf Life
    These dried mushrooms have a longer shelf life compared to fresh ones. To maintain their quality and effectiveness, it is crucial to store them in a dark, dry, and cool place. This storage method prevents mold development and oxidation of the active compounds, ensuring the mushrooms retain their potency.


What are the Effects of Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina?

Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina mushrooms are known for their psychoactive effects. They have been used for centuries in spiritual and religious ceremonies worldwide. Amanita Pantherina is known to be significantly stronger than Amanita Muscaria.

How Strong are Amanita Pantherina Compared to Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita Pantherina is approximately 10 times stronger than Amanita Muscaria, primarily due to its higher concentration of muscimol.

What is the Purpose of Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation activates the psychoactive compounds in the mushrooms, enhancing their effects when consumed.

How to Ensure Freshness of the Mushrooms?

To maintain freshness, store the mushrooms in an environment that is cool, dark, and dry. This helps prevent mold growth and preserves the efficacy of the active compounds.

SporesMD’s dried mushrooms offer a unique and authentic experience for those seeking to explore the depths of their mind or partake in traditional ceremonies. With our strict adherence to quality and legal compliance, customers can be assured of a safe and enriching experience.