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Blue Meanie is one of the most in-demand mushroom strains of all time, largely thanks to its impressive potency that can lead to an unforgettable educational experience. The name of the strain comes from the fact that when the mushroom is bruised, it takes on a blue appearance. Now, you can explore this fascinating strain for yourself with our 10mL Blue Meanie Spore Syringe. View Lab Report

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Not for the faint of heart, Blue Meanie is a notoriously potent mushroom strain that is one of the most sought-after in the world. This medium-sized cultivar prefers a warm, tropical climate, which is relatively easy to reproduce at home, since it originates from Southeast Australia.

Our Blue Meanie Spore Syringe comes with a sterile needle and contains pharmaceutical-grade spores that are intended for research purposes. We work tirelessly to offer the safest, highest-quality spores possible, and ensure that each syringe undergoes extensive lab-testing before it’s shipped. We work in a cleanroom laboratory that’s been fully certified, to bring you nothing but the best.

Note: These mushroom spores must be kept refrigerated.

Blue Meanie FAQs

What are Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores?

Mushroom spores are the natural spores that are used to cultivate mushrooms. All mushrooms start out as spores, and so this is a 100% natural product that is available to anyone interested in researching the Blue Meanie strain.

Why Do Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores Come in a Syringe?

Our syringe serves two purposes: to keep the Blue Meanie mushroom spores inside sterile, and to allow for easy application when undergoing a research project. Our slow-control syringe is designed to ensure you’re able to add precisely the desired amount of spores to your medium, to greatly improve your chance of a successful harvest.

Is Blue Meanie the Strongest of All Mushroom Strains?

Blue Meanie definitely packs a punch, although it’s not believed to be the most powerful strain available. Still, it does have a reputation for its incredible strength.

What Do Blue Meanie Spores Look Like?

Blue Meanie’s spores are not blue, as you may have hoped that they were. In fact, they’re black, and the name of the breed comes from the color that the mature mushrooms take on when they become bruised.

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    Purple mystic

    Fantastic results. These spores delivered a great result. Def order again.

    Cole A.
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    Full Contamination UB Tek and BB Tek

    All 8 of my jars and bags I inoculated turned into awful green and brown bricks of trichoderma.