Purple Mystic Psilocybe Cubensis Spores 10ml


Possibly the most potent of all mushrooms, Purple Mystic originates from a farm in Florida, and took little time to become one of the most sought-after cultivars for researchers to date. Also known for growing very easily and quickly, it’s a beginner-friendly option that you can buy in spore form, arriving in a 10mL syringe that makes it easy to do research at home or in a lab. View Lab Report


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Purple Mystic is a subtropical mushroom species that’s known for its resilience and fast-growing nature. The name comes from the striking purple ring around the cap when the mushrooms grow wild. It presents large brown caps that turn into a cream color as they age, and generally, the strain is considered the most powerful of all.

Our Purple Mystic spores come in a 10mL syringe, ready to apply to any and all of your research-related needs. They’re prepared in a cleanroom laboratory, and offer pharmaceutical-grade quality to ensure only the best. Each syringe undergoes strict testing prior to shipment, ensuring nothing but maximum safety and quality.

Note: These mushroom spores must be kept refrigerated.

Purple Mystic FAQs

What are Purple Mystic Mushroom Spores?

Our Purple Mystic Mushroom Spores are the spores found in nature that eventually become Purple Mystic mushrooms. In spore form, they contain zero psilocybin, as this intoxicant only develops in mature mushrooms.

What Can I Do with Purple Mystic Mushroom Spores?

Purple Mystic is one of the most sought-after mushroom strains of all time, known for its properties that fascinate and intrigue the mushroom community. These spores are made available for anyone who wants to research these spores to better understand what makes this strain so unique.

How Should I Store My Spores?

The spores of Purple Mystic, like all mushroom varieties, need to be refrigerated in order to stay fresh. While they can last at room temperature for about 30 days, refrigerating them can extend their lifespan to up to 1 year.

Are Purple Mystic Mushroom Spores Legal?

Purple Mystic Mushroom spores are perfectly legal under federal law. These spores contain zero psilocybin, as psilocybin is only present in mature mushrooms. Therefore, we are not selling a product that is prohibited in any way.