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Immerse in mycological research with our Psilocybe Cubensis 10 Pack Spore Bundle, perfect for educational, research, and microscopy endeavors. This carefully assembled set includes 10ml syringes of various Psilocybe Cubensis strains, offering an extensive spectrum for studying the species’ rich genetic diversity and intricate microscopic structures.

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The Psilocybe Cubensis 10 Pack Spore Bundle is a meticulously curated collection for those engaged in the scientific study of psychedelic fungi, particularly for educational, research, and microscopy purposes. Each syringe in this comprehensive set contains 10ml of unique Psilocybe Cubensis spore strains, enabling a detailed exploration of this species’ fascinating genetic diversity and microscopic structures.

Product Insights:

  • Composition: The bundle features ten individually packed 10ml syringes, each filled with a distinct strain of Psilocybe Cubensis spores, suspended in a sterile aqueous solution to ensure purity and viability.
  • Strain Variety: This collection includes a spectrum of strains, each selected for their distinctive characteristics such as spore morphology, genetic makeup, and visual attributes, with popular strains like Golden Teacher and B+ often featured.
  • Sterile Packaging: Every syringe is securely sealed in sterile packaging, accompanied by sterile needles, ensuring a controlled and clean environment for scientific examination.
  • Storage Guidelines: To preserve the spores’ viability, store them in a cool, dark environment. Refrigeration is advised for maintaining long-term viability.
  • Research Applications: These spores are ideal for microscopic research and educational activities, offering an opportunity to study the unique spore structures, lifecycle, and fungal biology of Psilocybe Cubensis.
  • Legal Compliance: The Psilocybe Cubensis spores are strictly intended for microscopy research and educational purposes. Buyers must ensure adherence to local legal frameworks regarding the possession and study of these spores.


  • Benefits of the 10 Pack Bundle: The bundle provides an extensive array of Psilocybe Cubensis strains, enriching the scope of research and study in mycology.
  • Purpose of Spores: These spores are purposed for microscopy and academic exploration, focusing on the examination of fungal genetics and spore morphology.
  • Storage Recommendations: For optimal viability, spores should be stored in a cold, dark setting. Refrigeration is recommended to extend their longevity.
  • Legality of Spores: The purchase and possession of Psilocybe Cubensis spores for microscopy and educational study are legal in many regions. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with local laws.
  • Spore Shelf Life: When properly stored, spores can remain viable for several months to a few years. Refrigeration can further prolong their shelf life.

Embark on an enlightening journey into the world of mycology with our Psilocybe Cubensis 10 Pack Spore Bundle, your comprehensive source for studying the intricate details of fungal genetics and spore characteristics under the microscope.