Jedi Mind Fuck Psilocybe Cubensis Spores 10ml


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First emerging in the early 2000s, Jedi Mind Fuck is one of the most intriguing strains in the entire mushroom world. Its slender appearance and dark blue markings make it a striking variety visually, and its potency is a force to be reckoned with, meaning that this is one cultivar that isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re a mushroom research enthusiast, our Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Syringe is the perfect way to get more intimate with this distinctive breed. View Lab Report

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It’s safe to say that Jedi Mind Fuck is a mushroom strain that really lives up to its name, and researching it can be a fulfilling experience thanks to its fascinating characteristics. Best grown in subtropical conditions, it is a bit more difficult to cultivate, but the efforts are worth it. Its slim white stems are topped off with chestnut-colored, oversized caps, and its stems turn blue when handled.

Our Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Syringe contains 10 milliliters total of spores that are ready for your research endeavors, with a sterile needle and fully lab-tested contents to ensure only the highest levels of safety. These spores are pharmaceutical-grade, produced in a certified cleanroom laboratory under the strictest standards.

Note: These mushroom spores must be kept refrigerated.

Jedi Mind Fuck FAQs

What are Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores?

Jedi Mind Fuck mushroom spores are the natural spores of the Jedi Mind Fuck breed, which can be used my mushroom enthusiasts to research the unique properties of this cultivar. All mushrooms start out as spores, and so this is a 100% natural product.

Are the Jedi Mind Fuck Spores Sterile?

The included syringe is completely capable of keeping the mushroom spores inside sterile, and we undergo extensive lab-testing to ensure that there is zero contamination.

Where Does This Strain Get its Name from?

Such an unconventional name comes from the intense potency of the strain when it’s in the form of mature mushrooms. It may be one of the most powerful mushroom strains in the world, in terms of its effects.

Are Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores Legal?

All mushroom spores are perfectly legal under federal law. These spores contain zero psilocybin, as psilocybin is only present in mature mushrooms. Therefore, we are not selling a product that is prohibited in any way.