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Explore SporesMD’s premium 5g Amanita Pantherina Microdose Mushrooms, offering unmatched potency and purity, backed by rigorous quality testing and legal compliance for a safe, transformative experience. View Lab Report

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SporesMD presents an exclusive range of dried Amanita Pantherina Microdose Mushrooms, 5g – a careful blend of potency and purity. Our select mushrooms, including the esteemed Amanita Muscaria and the more potent Amanita Pantherina, are renowned for their unique psychoactive effects. The Amanita Muscaria, with its striking red cap and white spots, and the Amanita Pantherina, known for its tan cap and white spots, are both visually distinctive and rich in history.

Quality Assurance and Legal Compliance We pride ourselves on exceptional quality. Every batch of our dried mushrooms is thoroughly tested by independent, licensed laboratories in advanced facilities, ensuring maximum safety, purity, and authenticity. Grown and processed in an ISO7 cleanroom, our mushrooms are guaranteed to be completely free of contaminants and meet the strictest quality standards.

Legal Considerations Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina mushrooms are entirely legal in the U.S., not classified as controlled substances. We strictly follow legal guidelines, ensuring all our products are fully compliant.

Sourcing and Preparation Techniques Sourced from laminar flow hoods in sterile lab settings, our mushrooms are shielded from contamination. They undergo a meticulous decarboxylation process, involving precise heating to activate the mushrooms’ compounds, transforming them from inactive to active states.

Storage and Durability Our dried mushrooms boast a longer shelf life than fresh alternatives. To preserve their quality and potency, store them in a cool, dark, and dry place, preventing mold and preserving the active ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Effects: Both Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina are known for their mind-altering effects and have been used in spiritual practices for centuries. The Amanita Pantherina is notably more potent than the Muscaria variant.
  • Potency Comparison: Amanita Pantherina is about 10 times as potent as Amanita Muscaria, primarily due to its higher muscimol content.
  • Decarboxylation Purpose: This process activates the mushrooms’ psychoactive elements, enhancing their effectiveness upon consumption.
  • Freshness Maintenance: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to maintain freshness, prevent mold, and preserve active compounds’ efficacy.

With SporesMD’s dried Amanita Pantherina Microdose Mushrooms, customers can expect a profound and authentic exploration of consciousness, backed by our commitment to quality and legal integrity

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    If you’re expecting a trip look elsewhere. This is a micro dose. That being said i enjoy a low level….something I get from it.